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From: Marcus McNally
Subject: Love On The Rocks - 24This story contains sexual situations between males. If material of this
nature offends you then you should not read this story. If you are under
18 years of age you are probably not legally allowed to read this story.
This story is purely a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons
living or dead, or to events that may have occurred, is purely
coincidental. The author claims all copyrights in this story and no
duplication or publication of this story is allowed (except by the web
sites to which it has been posted) without the consent of the author.*************As I drove to work I mentally planned my day, knowing I had a lot to get
through in order to be able to leave early for litlle nude lolita pics Lachlan's doctor's
appointment, and to allow enough time to have a heart-to-heart with him
about his seriously escalated relationship with Ellie. What best lolita model galleries would keep me
going, I knew too well, was the thought that at the end of the day, Ty
would walk through the front door and light up my life.My available office hours were spent working on Ty's behalf, making headway
with the educational trust he wanted set up for the children of Australia's
war dead, and progressing his plans to buy a property in Stanthorpe, the
Queensland town where he and his brothers grew up, and where his parents
still lived.The Department of Defence was fully supportive of Ty's plan to assist
families of Australian war casualties and his insistence on remaining
anonymous in the process made it lolita de young galleries all the more enticing to them by making
them appear proactive and caring. They could see the political mileage.And the information filtering through from the real estate agent in
Stanthorpe was making Ty's planned purchase seem much more attractive than
I'd initially thought. I worked through my lunch break, stopping only for
a couple of pieces of fruit, in order to get preteen lolita free sites as much out of the way as lolitas young girl models I
could before the weekend.I hot lolita modeling pics shut down my computer and beat a hasty retreat. I walked through the
door at 2pm and found Simon and Scott young little nude lolita playing computer games. George was
vacuuming the house and Lachlan was dressed and ready to go. Ellie, he
told me, had gone home to study for a Uni exam on Monday, but she'd be back
on Tuesday.When I picked up my keys and wallet Lachlan looked at me quizzically,
knowing we had plenty of time, but he said nothing. He followed me out to
the car and on the 15 minute drive to the hospital, he chatted non-stop
about how good he was feeling and how, with the exception of sore wrists,
he had regained most of the strength in his arms.I parked and turned off the engine and when Lachlan made to open the door,
I touched his arm. "I want to talk about Ellie," I ventured.Immediately his face lit up. "Isn't she something?" he beamed. "Isn't she
beautiful!""Yes mate," I smiled, "she's beautiful.""And she's funny, and intelligent," he continued effusively. "And man,
that body! Like, fuck! You know what I mean?""Not really!" I deadpanned.Lachlan looked at me quizzically then laughed. "I guess not! But take it
from an expert. She's put together real good!""You mean `really well'," I corrected."Sorry mum!" Lachlan shot back and we both chortled.Time to get to the point. "Mate, I'm kinda surprised by the way things
have turned out ...""Meaning?""You two having sex ..."I got the goofy Hill brothers grin. "Yeah, it just kinda happened," he
smirked. "Mike, I've never had sex like it. It's like we're made for each
other. I can't get enough of her!""Yeah, we've all noticed!""You don't have a problem with it, do you?" he asked."Of course not, mate," I replied. "I just think you need to be, ah, a bit
more responsible about it.""Meaning?""This morning, vanessa teen lolita model in the kitchen," I said. "Mate, that wasn't ice cream
running down her leg ...""Oh," said Lachlan. "Well, yeah, you see ... um ...""You should be using condoms, young teen lolita love
mate," I offered."I don't have any," he shot back defensively."You could have asked Scott. Or me.""You don't use them!""How do you know that?""Scotty told me"."How the fuck would he know?""I dunno. Maybe Ty told him?""Well that's beside the point. There are condoms in the house. You only
had to ask.""It's not like we planned it," he responded. "It just kinda happened.
Besides, I pulled out before I blew ...""Well, that's something at least," I mused."Well, I pulled out the first couple of times ...""Why did you stop?""Man," he assured me, "it's so fuckin' good in there I just can't.""You do know the risk you're taking, young video lolta models
right?""You're right, mate," he replied. "As usual! So from now on I'll roll one
on!""Or get Ellie to roll it on for you. More fun that way!" I grinned. "Come
on big fella, let's go!"Lachlan went to open his door when he suddenly turned to face me again. "I
love her, Mike," he said quietly.I smiled. "Don't confuse love with lust, mate," I suggested."I'm not. I mean, the sex is one thing. But she's everything I've ever
dreamed about in a girl. I wanna hold on to her and never let her go. I
can't stand it when she's not with me. Does that make sense?""Yeah, it makes sense, Lach," I nodded. "That's how I feel about your
brother."Lachlan grinned, then leaned in and kissed my cheek. "You're hot, you
know!" he laughed. "Pity you don't have tits ..."**********I flicked through magazines in the waiting room while Lachlan was in
consultation with his GP. I smiled when I found a double page spread in
`Cosmopolitan' headed `Who's nude lolita free pictures
Hot?' There were photos of the usual
suspects, the bronzed and buffed blonde boys from the soapies, but standing
out from the crowd was my guy, looking good enough to eat.The caption read, "Tyson Hill: sex on two legs." Damn right he is, I
thought to myself. When nobody was looking, I quietly tore the pages from
the magazine and put them in my back pocket to send to Dot later.I was daydreaming about Ty's legs, and more specifically what hung between
them, when the doctor's door opened and Lachlan emerged. He paid the bill
and we made our way back to the carport."All good?" I asked."Yes mate," Lachlan replied. "Everything's fine, except he reckons there's
strain on my wrists. So I'm not allowed to weight bear."As we climbed into the car I questioned why Lachlan would weight bear on
his free loli porn games
wrists.He rolled his eyes. "I'm gonna have to rest my weight on my elbows and not
my hands while Ellie and me are having sex!"I chuckled. "Or you could just lie back and let Ellie do all the work!""Nah," Lachlan smirked. "She can't wrap those legs around my waist that
way. I like her under me!""You're such a straight boy!" I laughed. "Pity ..."We returned home to find Simon and Scott sprawled on couches, enjoying a
loud movie. George was in the adjoining dining room, about to set the
table."Not the balcony?" non nude japanese lolicon
I questioned, knowing Ty would always prefer to dine al
fresco."Wind and rain are predicted later, sir," George replied. "Perhaps I'll
set a table for two on the balcony for Scott and Simon?"We both smiled when we heard Scott say to Simon, "See? I told you he hates
me"."He must hate me too," said Simon. "What have I done?""You're my fuck buddy, and he's jealous. He fancies me something
shocking!"As George and I made our way to the kitchen through the lounge, George said
to Scott as an aside, "I fancy you like I fancy herpes!"I was pleased to see that George had made a start on dinner, placing all
the food we'd need on the bench along with pots and pans. We shot the shit
while George prepared the leg of lamb and I peeled mountains of potatoes,
pumpkin and yams. Once they were placed in baking dishes, George prepared
Dot's gravy while I chopped up an assortment of greens which Ty would
certainly demolish."Which wines, sir?" George asked, standing in front of the wine cupboard."Beers to start, George," I replied. "Then, because it's lamb, Ty will
want a red. Maybe a Bordeaux Merlot?"George transferred a dozen small beers into the fridge and took out cherry pop lolita pic a
chilled white. He poured two glasses and remarked, "We have a few minutes
to kill while the oven preheats!"We clinked glasses. "Mr Hill is coming home, George," I grinned. "So
here's to him!""Yes sir," George replied with a smile. "I have no tiny lolita nude pics doubt it'll be `bottoms
up'!"At 4.45 we put the meat and vegetables on, timing them to be ready in an
hour. While George cleared away the mess, I played back the messages on my
mobile. Two calls from the office, one from the Defence Minister's press
secretary Derek, one from the Stanthorpe real estate agent and one from my
brother Steve. I sighed. I was going to have to speak to him eventually.I sat at the kitchen bench and returned the calls one by one, leaving Steve
till last. The office calls were easily dealt with. I gave Derek the
trust fund information he needed and listened with amusement as he enthused
about Ty's Canberra concert, which I had arranged for him to attend. The
real estate agent pulled the usual `there's somebody interested in the
property' routine, but I cut him off at the knees telling him my client was
out of town and that we'd get back to him in a week or so, as we'd already
discussed.I glanced at the clock; ten to 6. That gave me ten minutes to return
Steve's call before Ty arrived home. Ten minutes would be all I could
handle. I called Steve's number and sighed when he picked up the call and
said, "Well, well. Mister hotshot lawyer finally found a moment to call
his baby brother!" I might have known nothing would have changed.The conversation was stilted and when Lachlan, Scott and Simon arrived in
the kitchen, I moved from the bench to a quiet corner where I could find
out whatever it was Steve wanted this time, and get off the phone. He was
filling me in on his disastrous life when the kitchen door opened and in
walked Ty. I grinned and waved, as Ty strode up to his brothers and gave
them both a huge hug and a kiss."I've missed you guys!" I heard him say before he shook hands with Simon
and then pulled him into a hug. He walked behind the bench and gave George
a cuddle. He got his hand slapped, though, when he dipped his little
finger in the gravy.Suddenly, he spun around and fixed his eyes on me. He grinned bbs preteen lolita pic as he
started walking towards me."Steve, I've gotta go," I said quickly. "I'll call you tomorrow"."And as for you ..." Ty smirked, before sweeping me up in his loli nude art models
arms and
bending me backwards. He kissed me for so long I was running out of
breath."Christ guys, take it somewhere private!" laughed Lachlan."Go Ty!" giggled Scott."Leave some room for dinner, Mr Hill," sighed George.Ty stood back and looked me up and down before glancing at his watch. "I
really feel like a nap!" he announced. "How long till dinner?""It's ready now, sir," said George. "Your `nap' is going to have to wait!"Ty pouted. While the boys were busy getting wine and glasses organised, Ty
grabbed my hand and held it against his groin. He was rock hard! There
was no need for me to speak. lolita young picture galleries I grinned and held his hand against my own
boner.Once we'd downed our beer, George herded us into the dining room and served
dinner. As I knew he would, Ty hoed in to the greens first, before piling
his plate high with lamb, potatoes and pumpkin and then making it swim in
gravy.Simon and I looked at each other a couple of times and smiled; watching 16yo lolita shows pussy
Hill brothers eat was entertainment in itself. It was as if every meal
might be their last.Ty kept us amused with stories from the tour, and then asked Lachlan for an
update on non nude lolita galeries his visit to the doctor. We finished our ice cream and chocolate
sauce and headed to the lounge. I sat with Ty as the boys flicked around
the TV channels trying to find something worth watching. They finally
settled on a movie thriller that was just starting, but I could tell Ty was
fidgety.A couple of times he squeezed my knee and once he ran his hand up the
inside of my thigh. I knew what he wanted. I made a lame excuse about Ty
being tired, and announced that we'd be having an early night."So what's that making your jeans bulge, Ty?" Scott snickered. "Your
sleeping tablets?""Asshole!" Ty smirked.We both stood and Ty wished everyone a goodnight. He headed for the
bedroom and I helped George clear the rest of the dinner dishes. I started
to stack the dishwasher, but George started to shoo me from the room. "Mr
Hill will be waiting for you, sir," he said. "You know how he doesn't like
to `nap' alone!"I gave George a hug and walked back through the lounge room. "Goodnight
guys!" I called, but by now the three of them were engrossed in the movie.***********In our bedroom, I found Ty had already stripped and was lying on the bed
wearing just his tented boxers and a cheeky grin.As much as I love the way he's always eager to get his hands on me, I
realise there's an element of `Ty wants what Ty wants, now!' about his
behaviour on occasions. This was one of those occasions. Don't get me
wrong, I wanted him every bit as bad as he wanted me, but there's something
about his desire for control that makes me want to take that control away
from him. In a nice way, and just for a while.I lay on my side, leaned in and kissed his lips. I love his lips, how they
feel on mine, how they taste. How he closes his eyes when our mouths meet.I took his arms, one at a time, and put preteen lolita pics them over his head, using a pair of
my silk boxers to tie his wrists together, and then a cord to hold them
securely. Much as I wanted to tie his feet together, it would have
prevented me from accessing between his legs, so I forgot that idea. It
was enough that he couldn't use his hands.I returned to lying on my side, loli hentai image boards and I kissed him some more before sitting
up and grabbing scissors from the bedside drawer. Ty was bare-chested, and
those boxers had to go. I ran the scissors from the hem to the waist band,
and repeated on the other side, destroying the preteen sex lolita dorki
boxers. No mind, they were
old anyway.His cock, thick and meaty, looked menacing. It lay across his thigh and
beneath it dangled his nads, full of pent up Ty tadpoles. But he wasn't
yet fully erect. No mind, I can fix that! Exposed to me, he was helpless.I kissed his face. His forehead, his eyelids, his nose, his cheeks, his
chin. I saved the lips till last, `cos they're the best bit. It was a
long, wet kiss and from the corner of my eye I saw the monster awaken and
start to stretch. Below, my own penis was straining inside my Mitch
Dowd's.I moved to his chest and ran my tongue over it, making my way to his
nipples, which I sucked in turn and then tortured with flicks from the tip
of my tongue. Further down I travelled, covering his tummy with naked young lolitas girls little
kisses while running my warm hand up and down free lolita pictures galleries the inside of his legs,
tickling as I went, every now and again brushing his scrotum.Fully aroused, the eye of his cock was watching everything I was doing with
intense interest. It knows what it wants, nn model preteen lola
but for now it ain't gettin' it.I ran my tongue in and out of his belly-button and preteen child porno lolita
enjoyed his little
whimpers. I moved to those trimmed pubes I love so free bbs lolita model
much, and wet them.
Where before they were dry and fluffy, they were now slick with saliva. I
looked up sexy underage little lolitas and saw the pleading look in his eyes, and I grinned."What?" I asked, all innocent."Suck it!""Suck what?" I asked, eyes wide."My cock!""You're kidding right?" I asked.He shook his head vigorously."I'm not sucking that!" I gasped, mock-shocked. "Jesus, I know where it's
been!""Suck it or I'll smack you in the head!""You can't!" I chuckled. "Your hands are tied.""Bastard!" he spat."Cunt!" I replied."Cocksucker!" he groaned."You wish!" I smirked. "I'll tell you what. Maybe I can just lick the
head ..."I took his throbbing flesh in my hand and squeezed. Ty throw his head back
against the pillow and moaned; the combination of love and lust makes for a
strange sound.He shivered as lolitas having sex photos I ran the tip of my tongue around the ridge of his cockhead
in a continuous movement until I used the flat of my tongue to bathe his
frenulum. His body tensed again; it wanted more. Not yet, though.I used my teeth to lightly nibble the preteen lolita child models
length of his shaft down to where it
meets his body. I used my hand to heft his weighty plums, and ran my
tongue over them until his sac was glistening. Then one at a time, I took
those plums into my mouth and sucked on them as lolitas preteens jr nude I might giant Maltesers,
wanting to melt the chocolate from them ...Ty moaned again. I smiled to myself, knowing that this was the bit where
he'd normally use his hands to move my head to where he wanted it. But he
couldn't.I lay on my front between his spread legs, enjoying the sight of the Ty
treasures that I knew were good for me. They contain fluid that is rich in
amino acids, citrate, enzymes, fructose, proteins and Vitamin C. My doctor
tells me that amino acids, fructose and Vitamin C are especially good for
me; who am I to argue with the doctor?"Pleeeease?" he hissed.I reached up and wrapped bbs loli pic preteen my fingers around the base of his man pole, which
was painfully hard. I moved it so it stuck straight up in the air and I
marvelled at it. Big. Thick. Powerful. Mine.I wondered to myself, `how the fuck did that get all the way up my ass
without causing damage?'. Then I remembered. With Ty, I relax totally and
welcome him inside me.Again. "Pleeeease?"Much as I love to see him squirm with need, I didn't want to torment him
too much.I let his cock go and it slapped angrily against his belly. I moved from
between his legs and lay to his side, taking Mr. Angry in the palm of my
hands. Again, I lapped around the crown, this time flicking my tongue over
his jap's eye.His head was moving from side to side and he was groaning. And when he
wasn't groaning, he was sighing."You really want me to suck this nasty thing?" I asked."Pleeeease?""Well, maybe this once," I conceded. "But only because I love you."Our eyes met and in that brief moment, I saw it. That spark child lolita preteen girl between us.
That indescribable something that drew us to one another, like moths to
naked light. Maybe this once? Who am I kidding? I live for this.I lowered my head and in one fluid motion, his raging rooter was fully in
my mouth. His body sagged beneath me, before he started pumping his hips,
trying to get as far into my throat as he could.I went with his flow, intermittently sucking his shaft and running my
tongue around it clockwise, then counter clockwise. I did this as my hand
caressed his ball bag, rolling his eggs around. Every now and again, a
stray finger slipped lower, sliding into his sweaty crack to brush little lolita nude pic against
the puckered opening. It was squeezed shut for now, but I knew before
long, it would open up like the darling buds of May.But not right now. Right now, my sole focus was Ty's pleasure. Well, our
pleasure, for sure, because giving him pleasure is a pleasure in itself.My mouth worked its magic and he was writhing now. He twisted and turned,
and thrashed about, frustrated that he couldn't take charge, yet I knew he
was feeling bliss. He was at my mercy; his gratification was in my hands.
And mouth.I maintained the torment, using my mouth and saliva to keep him just on the
edge. It was only when profanity started preteen bbs lol rompl spewing from his mouth like lava
from a volcano that I knew I had to allow him the release he wanted, for
fear he'd alarm everyone in the house. Indeed, the neighbourhood.My hand increased the pressure on his balls as I deep-throated him in
earnest. I shifted to allow for his ass to lift from the mattress as he
fought to make sure that my mouth completed the mission.Profanity gave way to panting and I felt that tube of man meat swell even
more. I knew that within seconds, my guy would surrender the goods.And with one long growl, he let it go and flooded my mouth with his warm,
salty load. Shot after shot, gulp after gulp; seriously, had it been that
long?I kept him in my mouth as the shots slowed to dribbles, and even when he
flopped back on the mattress, I held him in the warmth, using my tongue to
ensure that all traces of DNA were gone.There was still enough of it in my mouth to surprise young preteen lolitas art
him when I slid up to
kiss him deeply. I wondered if he liked how his cum tasted as much as I
did?I smiled. He smiled back."Good?" I asked."Mate," he sighed. "You have no idea ..."I kissed him again."Untie me will ya?"I laughed, and rolled off the bed to stand at the foot. Ty watched as I
pulled off and discarded my boxers. I spread his legs and knelt between
them. His eyes widened."You're not gonna fuck me while I'm tied up are you?""You wish!" I chuckled.I held him in my gaze as my right hand slid down over my chest and belly
and wrapped around my throbbing dick. My left hand took the same route and
slithered even lower, to cup the boys in the basement.As we looked into one another's eyes, my fist started to pump, up and down.
On each up stroke, my thumb rubbed over my glans. Once or twice I stopped
completely, lest this came to a messy end too early. But our eyes remained
locked.Gradually, the pace picked up and I started to groan. My fist was flying
now and tempted as I was to close my eyes, I didn't want to lose sight shocking nude lolita toplist of
him. Suddenly, my feet curled, and only now did his gaze shift from my
eyes to my groin.Ty watched, entranced, as my orgasm hit. Semen started to spurt from the
eye of my cock, the first long ribbon splattering his face and hair. The
second and third squirted against his neck and chest, and the subsequent
jets formed a liquid lake on his belly, some of it pooling in his belly
button. I went weak and slumped back to rest my naked ass on my heels.He grinned. I grinned."Fuck, that was hot!" he exclaimed.And when I leaned forward to lick up the mess I'd made, his eyes widened.
Below me, I saw his cock spring to life again."That's my boy!" I laughed, as I took it in my hand. "I'm thinking that as
a payback for my disgraceful behaviour, you should use this to fuck the
living daylights out of me!"He grinned. "That's exactly what I was thinking. Untie me!"I grinned back and shook my head. "Nah, don't think so mate."I let go of his cock, picked up a tube of lube from the side table and
slicked up his turgid tool. I locked eyes with him again, climbed onto the
bed and squatted over him, lowering myself slowly onto his cock until I was
fully impaled.Fuck, I love seeing his eyes roll to the back of his head ...**********An arduous tour behind him, Ty was knackered and I knew he'd sleep until
the Salvation Army Band arrived and played "Advance Australia Fair" next to
our bed. But nude lolita schoolgirl galleries I was still in my regular routine and, given the early night
we'd had, I woke early.Ty was fast asleep and, by rolling on my side and little lolas girls naked
resting on my elbow I was
able to indulge one of my great pleasures; watching him when he wasn't
aware he was being watched. In repose, Ty was one of the most relaxed
people I've known. His handsome features were tranquil, his breathing was
even and his face radiated peace.I marvelled again at how this beautiful man could be so worshipped and
adored on stage, and yet be so driven to hurry home and passionately make
love to me the way he had last night. What could I have done to deserve
this?Because I could gaze at him for hours, I'm not sure how much time went by.
But eventually, even in sleep, Ty gets that he's being watched, and his
eyelids fluttered. His eyes opened, he focussed, and then he rolled his
eyes in my direction and grinned."Stop looking at me!" he yawned."Can't help it!" I laughed. "I said my prayers last night and I asked for
true happiness. And I woke up this morning and here you were!""Oh give it fuckin' rest!" Ty groaned."Yeah, it was a bit chuck-worthy, eh?""Last night! Eh! You're a great fuck.""I know.""You give great head too.""You don't.""Excuse me? I so do!""Well, I need to pee, but then I'm prepared to give you another chance!""What? Put my money where my mouth is?""No! Put your mouth where my cock is." And as I padded to the bathroom, I
mumbled loud enough for him to hear, "fuck you're thick sometimes.
Gorgeous, but thick ..."When I returned to bed, hard as a rock, Ty was grinning. "You don't expect
me to suck that dirty little thing do you? You just peed out of it!"I looked at him. "Yeah, you're going to suck it. You're going to suck it
as if your life depends on it. And you'll start straight away because we
have 16 minutes until the old guy knocks on the door. And he'll have food,
and the food will win."I walked to the side of the bed and put my hand behind Ty's head. As I
pulled it towards me my dream lolita site I said, "So underage russian lolita models
if you wouldn't mind, wrap your lips
around this."He's a good boy, does what he's told. He lolita sex stories post sucked it, and he sucked it very,
very well.I was still lying on my back, panting, when the rap came on the door.
George walked in with a breakfast tray, which he placed on Ty's side of the
bed instead of the middle as he usually did. He then walked around to my
side and offered me a glass of water and a pill, likely a Panadol. I
looked at him and raised my eyebrows."I was about to deliver breakfast five minutes ago, sir," he said,
straight-faced. "From the hallway it sounded like you were in pain, so I
brought you something to take the pain away.""Very funny, George," I chuckled. "But I already have something to take
the pain away, and right now he's eating his breakfast, as well as mine
..."Ty cut in. "Nice grub, George!""He's a Hill, sir," George reassured. "There's no filling them!""Now that's where you're wrong, Georgy Boy!" I smirked. "I know how to
fill him! Now go away. Clean things. Earn your keep!""Very good sir," George said, and as he walked away he sang under his
breath, "Body all achin' and wracked with pain ... Tote that barge! Lift
that bale! ...""Hey!" Ty piped up. "That's `Ol Man River'! I sang that once in a school
play when I was about 15!""Hmmm," I grinned. "Tyson the schoolboy? Still got your school uniform?"Ty smirked. "I reckon Mum probably kept it. And all my report cards too.""Straight A's?""Nah, B's and C's. But the teachers always said I was well behaved in
class, and a pleasure to teach!""Yeah, that just means you were a suck!""You said I wasn't a good legal teen lolitas nude
suck though.""Nah, I changed my mind.""Good. Glad we got that one sorted!""Where are the boys do you think?""They'd have had a late one watching movies. They're probably sleeping in.
That means there's time for you to tell me about your family."I sighed. "You really want to know?""Of course I do! It's weird you knowing my family the way you do, and I
don't know anything about yours."For the next 20 minutes I filled him in on the Stewarts of Melbourne. Mine
was a privileged upbringing, in that there was no shortage of money, but
the family was dysfunctional. My father Doug, now 63, ran a furniture
importing business; he was one of the first Australians to start selling
authentic Balinese furniture in Melbourne, which meant he was often away
from home. My mother Yvonne, now 60, was a social butterfly; she enjoyed
spending money and spent most of her time at parties and fundraising events
that were often just excuses to buy new clothes and underage lolitas free thumbs accessories. Mum made
sure we had everything we needed materially, but emotionally, she was
detached.I was always close to my older sister Lynette, who recently turned 36. She
was the protective big sis, always looking out for me when we were younger.
That caring nature led her naturally into a career in nursing, which she'd
devoted herself to ever since. She was 25 when she married Tom, a loveable
happy-go-lucky carpenter who became my surrogate big brother. I loved Tom,
and Tom got along with everyone. The problem was, he got along with other
women just a bit too well. Couldn't seem to keep it in his pants.He and Lynette tried, unsuccessfully, to conceive. You can only imagine
Lynette's hurt when it turned out he'd managed lolita preteen girl pic to knock up a 20-year-old
girl whose house he'd been working on.Their marriage fell apart five years later, and within six months, Mum and
Dad had also called it quits. Mum and Lynette have remained single, while
Dad met and married a nice woman named Kitty and they now lived in New
Zealand.Dad and I have remained close, although we stay in touch mostly by email.
My relationship with Mum is not quite so close. galleries 13 yo lolitas It's useful for her to be
able to tell her friends about her son, the successful lawyer, and she's
never shy about asking for free legal advice. But she's always had a
problem with my being gay. It is, according to her, all my Dad's fault,
because he was not around enough to teach me what being a man is all about.
Mental picture? Think Charlie's mother Evelyn in `Two And A Half Men',
with even more jewellery.I sighed again. Then there's Steve. He and I were as close as brothers
can be when we were younger, but in his lolitas 11 years nude early teens he was struggling
academically and coped by falling in with the wrong crowd at free lolita nude modals school. If
there was trouble to be had, Steve found it. He was suspended, then
expelled, and moved from one private school to another, always in the hope
that he'd turn a corner. But he never did.And so nude lolita model photos it continued. Dad encouraged – and helped pay for - my
university education and paid for additional tutoring to enable me to
complete my degree. A few years later, Dad gave small lolita pussy pictures Steve the same financial
support when he went to Uni. But as we later learned, Steve seldom
attended lectures and squandered most of the money Dad gave him on what had
become his great passions – women and drugs.He dropped out of Uni and, with no means of support, ended up on my
doorstep in the first year of my internship. I was so engrossed in carving
my career that I didn't realise until it was too late that Steve was using
my apartment as a base for his drug-dealing. It was only when I was robbed
that I started to see something wasn't quite right. Steve wasn't home when
I was burgled, and he was very cooperative with the police. So free lolita pics legal you can
imagine my shock when the police knocked on my door with an arrest warrant
for my brother. Not only was he the one who'd taken my things and pawned
them for drug money, but he'd been linked to a couple of break-and-enters
in the neighbourhood.The police pressed charges and Steve was given a twelve month suspended
sentence, which meant if he didn't break the law again in that period the
sentence would be dismissed. I couldn't bring myself to have him live me
with again, so Lynette took him in. Needless to say, within two months
he'd starting selling her jewellery and he was arrested during a drug bust
in St Kilda. Back to court he went, and this time he copped a six month
jail term.When he was finally released, he turned up on my doorstep but I stuck by my
decision not to have him live with me. I did however cover the cost of a
room for him in a boarding house in Elwood, on the understanding that he
would look for work. But Elwood's proximity to St Kilda was too much of a
temptation for him and the next time I met up with him I could tell
immediately that he was using again.I paid for him to go into rehab, believing he might just make an effort to
clean up his act. But within a month, it was discovered he was screwing
one of the girls doing the program with him, and he was no longer welcome
there. A new tenant had taken over his digs and as neither Mum nor Lynette
were prepared to put him up, he returned to my place after agreeing to
every condition I imposed.For a while, things felt settled. While Steve made no attempt to get work,
I saw no evidence of drug use and while I was sure he was having sex
regularly, I was fairly certain it wasn't under my roof. He started asking
me to "lend" him money, claiming his welfare payments couldn't cover his
basic needs. I loaned him constant small amounts, but when I finally
reminded him that he owed me almost $2000, he started getting hostile. He
claimed that I had a duty of care to him because we were brothers, and
alleged that Dad had always favoured me and that I'd been born with a
silver spoon in my mouth while he'd had to struggle all through his life.It became a cycle. Pleas for money, hostility when he was refused, verbal
abuse at the slightest provocation. He began making snide remarks about my
sexuality and his outbursts became so out of control that several times he
broke things. When his temper turned to physical violence, he had to go.He somehow managed to wheedle a few thousand dollars out of Dad and as long
as that lasted, I didn't hear from him. But it was clearly running out
just before I moved to Sydney because he was suddenly back in touch.
Rather than go through all the unpleasantness again, I just wrote him a
cheque for $5,000.All the underage penetrate lolita videos time I was relaying these details, Ty was resting with his head on
my chest, stroking my arms. He was quiet for a while before he spoke."Well, he called you for your birthday," he said. "Perhaps he just wants
to make amends?""I know him too well to believe that, mate," I replied. "I'd say the
money's run out. He hasn't acknowledged my birthday since we were kids.
In fact, it was probably mum who reminded him of the date.""So are you going to see him while he's in Sydney?""I guess I'll have to. He'll keep the pressure on until I do.""Can I meet him?""Mate, I don't think that's wise," I suggested. "You being who you are. I
know Steve. He'll have something over me if he finds out about you.""Damn," sighed Ty."Mind you, there is a way it might work ..."I was about to explain my thought to Ty when the bedroom door opened and
the sleepy form of Lachlan appeared, again wearing his stretch boxers and
tee shirt."You guys had breakfast already?" he asked, yawning."Couldn't wait for you tossers to wake up!" Ty chuckled."Yeah, there were two great thrillers on back to back on the movie
channel," Lachlan enthused. "We watched `em both. Didn't get to bed til
about three."The door suddenly opened wider and a boxered Scott scurried in. "Hey!" he
greeted, before sliding into bed beside me. "Got any food?""Nah, we were able to eat in peace today!" I laughed."Lachie and Simon got bigger breakfasts than me!""That's because ..."The others joined me in the chorus." ... George hates you, mate!"Lachlan stepped aside as Simon strolled in, he too wearing boxers and a
tee."Good morning Mike, Tyson," he smiled, and we returned the greeting."I'd invite you to get in the other side of the bed," Scott snickered, "but
Mike and Ty don't have anything on. Disgusting if you ask me!""Nobody asked you, asshole!" Ty laughed."So, what's on for the weekend, guys?" Lachlan asked."Well," Ty replied, "Not sure what you and the kiddies are doing today, but
my hot lawyer and I are gonna stay in bed. We've got some catching up to
do.""Ewwww," Scott giggled. "Hey, what's the difference between a lawyer and
God?""What?" Ty asked."God doesn't think he's a lawyer!"I slapped Scott across the back of the head. "Speaking of God," I
said. "It might be nice if we all went to Church tomorrow?"The collective groan made me smile."Good onya, Dad!" Lachlan chuckled."I won't be going to Church," Scott assured me, "but I do plan on spending
time on my knees, worshipping!"I slapped him again. "That's two tiny lolitas posing galleries slaps," I warned. "It's a spanking next
time so I'd quit while you're ahead!"Scott made an exaggerated `victim' sigh and threw back the covers, leaving
me exposed as he jumped out of bed."Asshole!" Ty grumbled, as he pulled the doona back over me."Hey, that's a cute little cock!" Lachlan guffawed."Fuck off!" Ty groaned. "And close the door behind you."Alone again, Ty turned to me and pulled me into his arms. "Now, where the
fuck were we? ...""Did your brother say my cock was little?""Yeah," he grinned, as he reached down and groped the goods. "It won't be
for long, though ..."**********Ty had 6 12 toplist lolita more "catching up" to do than I expected; not that I was
complaining. We stayed in bed much of the weekend, in fact. We emerged
for meals but stayed in boxers and tees, and once or twice we played pool
or had a beer with the guys, but sooner or later Ty would drag me back to
our bedroom. Boxers and tees were quickly discarded and one of us would be
deep inside the other within minutes.The sex ran the gamut from tender and passionate lovemaking to wild,
animalistic rutting. Between times we would lie together, talking and
kissing. And talking some more, often verbalising how much we loved one
another. Sometimes, a particularly energetic bout of fucking would drain
Ty and in the afterglow, he'd nod off. I was able to lie and watch him
sleep, his handsome face flushed with contentment. For me, this was
perfect happiness, and I was reminded many times of the feelings I
experienced waking up in Ty's bed on Bedarra Island, the morning after the
night we made love for the first time.Eventually, Ty would wake from his light sleep and catch me lost in my
fascination. He'd smirk and snuggle in to me. He'd kiss me softly and cup
my balls in his hand, and the whole cycle would begin anew.On Sunday morning, George delivered not only our breakfast but three cute
guys in underwear, and we chuckled our way through the obvious one-liners
from Lachlan, Scott and even Simon, who was now comfortable enough around
Scott's brothers to join in on jibes.George didn't bat an eye when he returned to fetch the tray and found Scott
and Lachlan in bed with us, and Simon sprawled across the end of the bed.
George set about picking up our discarded boxers and tee shirts, which were
bound for the laundry."I guess you'll be japan naked loli young wanting to wash our sheets today, George?" Ty asked."Not likely sir!" George retorted. "Get one more preteen lolita sexy models night out of them, and
I'll burn them tomorrow!"The day got underway when Lachlan took Scott and Simon around the Sydney
car yards looking for a suitable first car for Scott. George took
advantage of an almost empty house to clean, mop and wash. And Ty and I?
We kissed and cuddled, kissed and talked, kissed and fucked.In the early hours of Monday, I woke with a raging thirst. I stumbled out
to preteen model galleries lolita the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of top site little lolita water and on my return trip I
noticed strange patterns on the wall outside Scott's room. Wondering
vaguely whether it might be fire, I wandered down free lolitas tits pics the hallway and realised
quickly that Scott's door was ajar nude lolitas places photos and the shadows were caused by a dim
lava lamp that was switched on in the room. From the darkness of the
hallway, I could see the full length mirror in the corner of the room. In
its reflection, I saw Scott's bare ass flexing as he thrust in and out of a
writhing Simon beneath him. The surprise was hearing the loudly whispered
filth that spewed from Simon's mouth as he was being fucked.The other surprise was noticing how like Ty Scott was when he was "on the
job". I had to tear myself away from 13 yo lolitas bbs their private moment and by the time
I climbed back into bed with a raging cock, Ty was waking to a surprise of
his own.Come Monday morning, the household was ready to slip into a normal routine
again. I reluctantly dragged myself away from Ty and went to work. With
the pressure of the tour off him, Ty spent much of his time in his music
room, working on songs. Scott and Simon divided their time between looking
at cars and visiting travel agents to try and map out an itinerary for
their overseas travel.On Tuesday night, Ellie returned to the house after lolita cp 10 photo sitting a Uni exam the
previous day and she and Lachlan stayed locked in his room until Friday
when she returned home again to swat up for her final exam the following
week.I enjoyed watching the surprise on Ellie's face when she met Ty and
realised who Lachlan's brother was. It reminded pedo sex lolita pictures me of the time I opened my
penthouse door at Grand Apartments to find that Scott's older brother, who
I believed was a wannabe rock star, was actually Tyson Hill. The look on
her face was worth a million bucks. I lolita preteen bbs freedom enjoyed it almost as much as I
enjoyed seeing Lachlan's face light up every time Ellie turned up. The boy
was smitten!I was relieved that Ty liked Ellie. I could tell he was dubious at first,
but over three days, they found their groove. Although non nude links lolita Ellie certainly
knew who Ty was, she admitted to not having either of his albums and to
never having seen his concerts. She even confessed that the last time he
was performing on night-time television, she turned it off before he sang!It amused me that this actually lolitas sites preteen pay
made Ty laugh. He was suddenly relaxed
around her, and several times I found them engrossed in conversation. As
well as her knowledge of agricultural science, Ellie was musically adept,
having studied classical piano in her teen years. And, to seal the deal,
her favourite singer was Leonard Cohen. I swear if Ty was straight, she
might be in trouble!My work week was busy; between briefings and two court appearances, I
managed to gather all the information I felt russian little pussy lolitas
was necessary for Ty to make a
decision on the Stanthorpe property he was hoping to buy. We discussed it
and Ty suggested that we make free lolita model pics
a weekend trip to see Dot and Frank, and
check out the house at the same time.I managed to avoid speaking to Steve, who was arriving in Sydney at the
weekend and hoping to "catch up" for my birthday. He rang often enough but
always got my message bank. Luck ensured that every time I returned the
call, I got his. But I knew I was shuffling deckchairs on the Titanic.On Friday, Ty told me he'd organised something low-key for my birthday the
following day, and asked me to pack what I might need for a weekend away.
Because I hadn't wanted a fuss, I pressed him for details until I finally
wore him down. We were staying at the Four Seasons Hotel in the heart of
the city. Nice. A little time completely on our own. It was hot lolita thong models only then
that I realised that the ideas I'd had of fulfilling my family obligation
and letting Ty meet my brother might actually work. I talked it through
with him and he was happy with the plan.On Saturday morning, I woke alone in bed and was just about to get up and
go searching for him when the door opened and Ty, Lachlan, Scott, Simon and
Ellie walked in carrying a muffin with a lit candle in it, and singing
`happy birthday'!I was presented with the lopsided muffin by Ty, who proudly announced "I
made it!""Like he can't half tell!" laughed Lachlan. "Man, you can't cook for
shit!""Neither can you, asshole!" chuckled Ty. "I made it with love!""Yeah, and you forgot most of the other ingredients!"I removed the candle and took a bite. I tried lolita 12 13 14 to look as though it was the
best thing I'd ever eaten, but I didn't fool anybody."OK, so I'm a lousy cook," Ty sighed. "But I'm great in the sack!""No argument from me on that score!" I grinned. "So, free lolita nude galleries what's for
breakfast?""George and I are making a birthday breakfast," Ellie smiled. "Eggs
Benedict and French toast with maple syrup. Should be ready in an hour.""OK guys," announced Ty. "Let's hit the sand and do some running. Gotta
get Birthday Boy here nice and energised for the evening ahead!""Ewww!" said Scott, screwing up his nose. "Does that mean what I think it
means?""It means we'll be having a late night, asshole!" Ty replied. "And I want
Mike to be awake!"Once the room had cleared, Ty gave dark loli zone models me a long, lingering birthday kiss and
from the wardrobe tossed me a pair of shorts and a tee shirt. We boys all
took to the beach for a good run, returning just in time for top prelolita dark portal the hot
breakfast that George had prepared, with possibly unwanted help from Ellie.
I found a moment to ask him if he was OK with Ellie being hands-on in the
hitherto all male household."Oh yes, sir," George assured me. "She knows a lot about food! She's nice
to be around. You know, for a girl ...""I know!" I smirked. "I like her too. And I think Lachlan's in love!""Yes, he certainly seems to be enjoying being back on top of things!"We joined the guys and Ellie on the balcony for a spectacular breakfast,
washed down with cup of tea from George's teapot. Back in the bedroom Ty
showered and dressed while I packed a small suitcase for our weekend away.
When Ty began adding pre teen boy lolitas his own clothes, I had a shave and shower and by
11.30, we were ready to go.Check-in wasn't until 2pm, so Ty was taking me out to lunch first. We said
our goodbyes and after a hug from everyone - Ellie included - we were on
our way.Ty pulled up in Reservoir Street, Surry Hills and we walked a short
distance to 15 yo lolita bbs a cute little Thai restaurant called Sugarcane. Once seated,
Ty ordered wine while we checked the menu. I was happy to leave the
selection to Ty, who was more au fait with Thai cuisine than I. We shared
a crispy pork salad with sweet corn chili lime dressing and stir fried
prawns, followed by an amazing lolita preteen child models
dessert of sticky rice with grilled banana
and cream.Just after free lolita sex movies
two we rocked up to the Four Seasons and, as always, Ty stayed
in the basement car park while I checked in. I sent our bags ahead with a
porter and had a glass of wine while I waited for him to return. I then
stood near the lifts to text Ty and then waited until the lift came from
the basement and I stepped inside and joined him. He pushed the button for
the 34th floor and I wanted to kiss him, but I was aware of the CC camera
in the corner of the lift ceiling.We stopped outside double doors marked `Presidential Suite' and when he
swiped his card and opened the doors, I almost stopped breathing. It was
huge, and from floor to ceiling windows we had the most magnificent 11 yo lola nudes views
of Sydney Harbour.I walked in and wandered around, dazzled by the opulence. The lounge room,
which occupied the entire northeast corner of the suite, was enormous, with
a massive television, a Bose sound system and a beautiful grand piano. A
separate dining room with Opera House views seated 10 around a rectangular
table and had an adjoining kitchenette.The master bedroom featured a four-poster king bed with a linen canopy,
another large screen TV and harbour views over Circular Quay. Off the
bedroom was a luxurious bathroom with a marble spa to seat up to 8 people,
two vanities and a separate shower. There was also a second bedroom and
bathroom, and off the entry vestibule a guest powder room.While I stood shaking my head, Ty steered me back to the lounge room where
a bottle of Crystal champagne was resting in a bucket of ice. Ty popped
the cork and poured two glasses, and as we sipped the bubbles looking out
over the water, he kissed me. "Happy birthday, mate!" he grinned."Ty, this is fucking awesome!" was all I could manage."Nah, you're fucking awesome!" he replied. "Let's get comfy".As I stood with champagne in hand, Ty started unbuttoning my shirt. Once
he had that off, he unbuckled my belt while I kicked my shoes off. By the
time he'd pulled my pants down, my cock was straining in the confines of my
boxer shorts.Ty sank to his knees, tugged my boxers down and was almost smacked in the
face by my rock hard dick. He looked up into my eyes and grinned before
engulfing my prick in his silky mouth. He sucked from the base upwards,
running his tongue over the head. He licked around the base again while
his hands stroked lolitas art nude tgp my stomach before reaching around to squeeze my ass. Ty
started to increase the movement of his mouth up and down my cock, as his
right hand dropped to cup my nads. I wasn't going to last long this way,
but try as I did to move Ty's head away from me, he was determined to get
me off. I felt that exquisite build deep down in my balls and I was unable
to stop myself sinking deeper into Ty's throat."Oh fuck," I groaned as the full force of my orgasm hit, and I began
spurting jets of cum into Ty's throat. He swallowed it down, except for
the last spurt, which hit his cheek and mouth before running down his chin.
Although I felt my knees were going to give way, I reached down and pulled
Ty to his feet. I licked my cum off Ty's chin and lips before pushing my
tongue into his mouth and kissing him deeply.When I pulled away from him I got the goofy grin, and after grinning back
at him, I pushed him down on one of the plush couches, undid his pants and
literally pulled them off him before returning the favour. Like me, he was
on a hair trigger and it only took a few minutes before he unloaded in my
mouth."Man, that was good!" he panted as he lay back into the cushions, his legs
lewdly spread. "And that was just for starters!""If this is what birthdays are all about, then I'm all for them!" I
chuckled. "Man, will you look at that view?""Isn't it strange that nobody's called you to wish you a happy birthday?"
Ty asked suddenly."Well ... I dunno," I hesitated. "I think my phone's off.""Well switch it on, mate. It's your big day."I grabbed my mobile and fired lolita nude model toplist
it up. Christ almighty - 15 messages! A few
from colleagues, my dad, my mum, my sister, Dot and Frank, Vince, Monique,
and the rest were from Steve."Shit!" I laughed. "Everybody's rung!""Well ring `em all back now, mate!" Ty replied. "I want you all to myself
later on dark lolita collection nudes ..."I put on a bathrobe and started returning the calls in the order they'd
come in. My colleagues – naturally – had their hardcore amature lolita teenies voicemail switched
on, so they were easy. Dad was great, mum was over-the-top, Lynette was
cool, and Dot and Frank's call was fantastic; I was left in no doubt that I
was a lolita pre teen blowjob part of the Hill family.Vince and I traded insults, and of course he finished his call by warning
me that homosexuals rot in Hell when they die. It was nice that Monique
remembered my birthday. I was surprised when she automatically assumed
that I was with Ty."Why would I be?" I asked, a little defensively."Why wouldn't you be?" she chuckled. "You're Humpty and Dumpty. Joined at
the hip. I love it!"She knew! Well, maybe she knew. Either way, she seemed OK with it.I got through all the calls and was left with Steve. I took a deep breath
and pressed "call"."Yo bro" came the expected greeting."Hey Steve" I sighed."So, like, happy birthday. Feels like you've been avoiding me.""Thanks. No, just been a bit busy.""Not too busy to see your baby brother I hope? I'm staying in the city.
Maybe I can come to your joint?""I'm busy tonight Steve," I sighed. "Maybe lunch tomorrow?""Dude, that sounds good!, he enthused. "Where?""Kables at the Four Seasons? Midday?""Oh, up-market as always," Steve seethed. "I guess you'll be paying?""Don't I always?""No need to be like that, big bro. You're the one who got all the breaks.
We can sit on the beach and have fish and chips if you like. I'll bring a
spliff."So, nothing had changed. "No, Kables at the Four Seasons. Midday. My
shout," I replied."You got it!" he responded. "Looking forward to seeing you, Mikey!""Yeah, I'm looking forward to seeing you too, Steve," I said.As I hung up I could see across the Suite, Ty talking with one of his
brothers; he was laughing and trading insults. For a moment, I envied him.Those Hill boys, they had something special ...**********Late afternoon, Ty maneuvered me into our king-sized bed and while we
fooled around a bit, kissing and playing with each other's cocks, it wasn't
serious foreplay. We talked as we fondled and every now and again I
noticed Ty glancing at the clock on the bedside table. At five o'clock,
our doorbell rang. Ty leapt out young lttle lolitas models of bed and threw his dressing gown on."You've gotta stay here," he instructed. "No opening the doors."He closed the bedroom doors and a few minutes later I heard footsteps and
voices, and some general clatter. Half an hour passed before Ty returned
to our room and slid back into bed with me."What's going on?" I asked."Never you mind, mate!" he grinned."Who was at the door?""The police.""Why?""They came to arrest you.""What?""Yeah, something about complaints they'd received about some hot guy on the
34th floor buck naked in front of the window, getting his dick sucked!"I smirked. "What was the charge?""Being in possession of a weapon with intent to do serious bodily harm.
But it's OK, I talked `em out of it.""Seriously, who was at the door?"Ty leaned over and kissed me gently. "You ask too many questions.""I'm a lawyer," I said, "that's what we do.""I'm a dirty boy, and this is what we do," he replied, as he kissed me
again and took my cock in his hand. He had me rock hard in no time but
before I could do anything with it, the doorbell rang again."OK, this time you can get it," he grinned.He got out of bed, put on his robe and handed me mine. "Go on!" he urged.The front of lolita nudist asian preteens my robe was tented obscenely as I padded to the door.
Standing behind it to hide my condition, I opened it and was greeted by
Lachlan, Scott and Simon!"Happy birthday!" they chorused."Hey guys! Come on in!" I beamed, standing back to give them access.There was much hugging nude euro preteen lolitas and backslapping as the boys came in, and much mirth
when Lachlan guffawed "Mike's got a stiffy!"I laughed as I tried to hide it. "It's your brother's fault. He keeps
playing with it ..."Ty made a show of grabbing for it as he handed out beers from a dresser
that was now laden with alcohol. It was then that I realised the dining
room table had been formally set for six. So that's who was at the door!"Is Ellie joining us?" I asked Lachlan."Nah mate," he smiled. "She was already committed to seeing a show with
her sister. So it's just us boys!""Who's the sixth seat for?""George is coming later," Scott lolita young girl tits piped up.Ty disappeared into the bathroom as I gave the guys a guided tour of nude lolita bbs preteen the
Presidential Suite, and we all agreed that the sunset over Sydney Harbour
was spectacular."This suite is as big as Mum and Dad's whole place!" Scott said.When we returned to the lounge, Ty was ready with more beer and in an
instant, Scott and Lachlan were all over the platter of cheese, fruit and
crackers free rusian lolitas nude that Ty had unwrapped.While the snacks disappeared, Ty went into the bedroom and came back with
three more robes and handed them out. "May as well get comfy guys!"The boys all stood and started to undress. Once they were naked the three
of them donned the robes and we all lay about on couches, drinking beer.After one more trip to the bathroom, Ty returned and announced, "Time for
the Jacuzzi, fellas!"There were whoops and hollers and we all piled into the dimly lit master
bathroom, discarded our robes and hopped in the bubbling tub."Glad to see that thing's gone down!" Scott giggled as he splashed water
over me. I splashed him back and that started a chain reaction with
everyone flicking water at the person opposite.Ty shifted along the seat until he was sitting right next to me. He leaned
in and kissed me to a round of "aww, shucks" from the boys. Beneath the
bubbles and out of sight, his hand jiggled my balls and lying back, I moved
my hand so that I could stroke his hardening cock.Opposite us, I just knew Scott and Simon were doing the same thing,
although they were pretending that nothing was going on.Lachlan looked bemused. "I don't think I wanna know what's happening under
those bubbles, do I?" he chuckled.Over the laughter, we heard the doorbell ring. We looked at one another."That'll be George," said Ty. "I can't get it, I've got a boner!""So have I," I laughed."Same here!" laughed Simon."Me too!" giggled Scott. "See!" he added, as he stood and proudly showed
us his erection.Lachlan rolled his eyes. "That's disgusting, asshole!" he smirked, as he
threw a face washer at Scott's hard cock and we watched it land so it
draped over it."Hey!" laughed Simon. "If we'd thought to bring rings, we could've played
quoits!"Scott slid back into the water as the doorbell rang again. "Guess it has
to be me then," Lachlan sighed as he stood to get out of the tub.As he turned away from us, I said to Ty, "He's got a great ass, don't you
think?""Yeah, not bad for a straight boy!"Lachlan grinned as he tied a towel around his waist and padded to the door.
He returned with a fully dressed George, who took one look in the bathroom
and clucked to himself. "Look at this mess!"George set about organizing for food to be delivered while we remained in
the tub, roughing one another up and having fun. At seven, George appeared
in the doorway and announced that dinner was ready. Ty turned the bubbles
off and we all climbed out and started drying ourselves.A few minutes later, again clad in our dressing gowns, we filed into the
dining room where George had set up bain maries with the food that room
service had delivered. It was a banquet. There was typical Hill brothers
fare; a roast leg of pork, roast vegetables and masses of greens. But
there was also a Singapore noodle dish, a chicken curry and rice.George told us to help ourselves, and turning to me, he whispered "you'd
better be quick sir!"**********Dinner was nothing short of fantastic. Not just the great food that Ty had
organised from room service for my birthday meal, but also the chance to
really enjoy the experience of being with Ty and his brothers in such an
informal and relaxed setting. I never tired of watching the dynamic
between the three of them, how much they loved and cared for each other
and, even more special, to feel a part of it. So readily had Lachlan and
Scott accepted me as part of Ty's life, and how quickly they – little nymphets lolitas forbidden and their
parents – had included me. It was even better to be able to share the
moment with Simon, whom I'd grown so fond of, and dear George.Of course, throughout dinner the Hills hung shit on one another, called
each other names, slapped each other about and at any one time, two of them
would gang up on the other. But in their eyes – and obviously in their
hearts – there was an unbreakable bond.We laughed our way through almost all the food and three or four bottles of
wine. For dessert, George produced a massive birthday cake he'd made at
home as soon as Ty and I had left for the hotel. He clearly took direction
from one or all of the Hill brothers, for it was covered in thick, thick
chocolate icing. On the top, white piping spelt out `Happy Birthday
Mikey!'."It originally said just `Happy Birthday Mike'," said Ty, "until some
asshole came along and added a hot asian lolita pics
`y'!"George lit the candles, everybody sang happy birthday in lusty fashion, and
the highlight of my evening so far was watching how quickly my birthday
cake disappeared into the stomachs of Ty, Lachlan and Scott Hill!Once all the food was gone, we moved into the lounge room and George served
coffee. Scott picked up the remote control and was about to switch on the
large screen TV when Lachlan reached over and grabbed it from him."We'd better get our asses into gear, guy," he said.Scott board3 cgiworld nn lolitas looked at him in bewilderment. "But it's only, like, 10 o'clock!" he
said."Yes, and like, it's Mike's birthday and I think maybe he and Ty might
appreciate some alone time?" Lachlan hinted."But they have heaps of time together," Scott pouted. "They had all day
for a start ...""Come on, asshole," Lachlan chuckled. "Get dressed!"Lachlan stood, dropped his robe and padded over to the couch where all the
clothes were left. Simon followed and he too began putting his clothes on.
They hot 15yr old lolitas were both almost dressed when Scott sighed, stood and took his robe
off and grabbed his clothes. He started dressing, but not before he'd
mooned Ty and I."You know when you do that Scott?" I asked. "I can see your brains!""Hey, birthday boy!" Scott giggled. "You're a funny guy!"By the time the guys had dressed, George had cleared the table and stacked
the dishes and empty bain maries ready for room service to simply walk in
and wheel them out tomorrow."Guys, thanks a million for sharing my birthday with me!" I grinned."Hey, our pleasure Mike," Lachlan replied, giving me a strong hug. "Enjoy
the rest of your night!"In turn, I got a hug from Scott, Simon and George and we walked them to the
door. As we said goodnight, Ty kissed Scott and Lachlan. "I love you
guys," he grinned. "You're assholes, but I love lolita girl picture tits ya!"George put on his puppy-dog face. "Yes, I love you too, old man," Ty
chuckled, as he kissed George on the cheek, and then kissed Simon. "You
too, mate."A few high-fives later and the door finally closed, leaving Ty and I loli nude pre com alone.I turned from the door and was about to walk back to the lounge, but Ty was
right behind me. He smirked at me, held out his lolita free bbs forums
hand and pulled my face to
his. Our noses almost touched as he looked into my eyes. "I love you,
mate," he said softly."You just wanna get me into bed!" I chuckled."No really, Mike," he said. "I really love you. You're just
... everything to me."I went to speak but Ty covered my mouth with his and gave me another of his
breathtaking kisses. When we moved apart, he young lolita bbs posts directed me to the lounge
room and had me sit on a couch. He poured us two glasses of wine, handed
me one and placed his on the top of the grand piano."I'll be right back," he said as he walked into the bedroom. He returned
carrying a small package, which he placed next to his wine on the piano.
In front of the piano, he dropped his robe and sat naked on the stool. He
cracked his fingers, played an arpeggio to check that the instrument was
correctly tuned, and said quietly, "This is for you ..."He began playing some unfamiliar chords and, when he got to the verse, he
began to sing ... "That day when you opened your door / You opened the door
to my heart / I remember the moment so clearly / Mate, I loved you, right
from the start ..."I could feel tears welling in my eyes. This must have been what he'd spent
so long working on these past few days, a song for me. Not a `veiled'
declaration of love, l

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